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Welcome to Belcamp, an outstanding new development of spacious family homes on a historical site just off the prestigious Malahide Road in Dublin. Belcamp is a wonderful addition to this thriving neighbourhood, offering a great standard of living convenient to every amenity a growing family could want.

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The homes at Belcamp are built in the grounds of the old Belcamp Hall, which was attributed by James Hoban (who later designed the White House in Washington, DC) in 1763 for Sir Edward Newenham (1734-1814), an MP and a colonel in the Irish Volunteers. Sir Newenham was a big supporter of American independence and in 1778, he constructed a monument in honour of George Washington – this still stands today in the grounds of Belcamp.

James Hoban

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The Belcamp estate was purchased by the Oblate brothers in 1884; in 1903, the brothers built a redbrick Gothic Revival-style chapel, designed by architect George Coppinger Ashlin and containing stained glass windows by the famous artist Harry Clarke. These historically significant buildings, along with the walled gardens, still stand today, and served as inspiration for the design of the new homes at Belcamp, adding another layer of history to this site for a new generation of dwellers.

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The Story of Belcamp

Belcamp brings together the practical needs of modern families with the traditional details of its historic buildings in a sympathetic and attractive design. A long grand avenue leads to the listed buildings, while a series of small roads and cul-de-sacs set off the avenue contain a variety of elegant concrete-built houses, traditional but classic in style with extensive use of red brick. Washington Avenue leads from the avenue to the old Washington Monument, overlooking a linear green area by the stream.

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